Nonprofit Managed IT Services

Nonprofits and charities want a strategic approach to information technology to ensure it meets their missions and community needs. This means doing more with less to reach donors, constituents and fundraisers, while ensuring security to keep data safe.

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Nonprofits and charities face different challenges compared to most businesses.

You joined the nonprofit sector to make a difference, not become an IT expert so, IT can be confusing and a general headache.

You just want IT to support your organizations mission and help with fundraising.

Like you, we are frustrated by poor IT solutions that are unsustainable or unreliable.

From software bloat to unsecure devices, we have seen how a deficit of guidance can result in less than ideal technology situations.

As shown in our testimonials and case studies, we’ve helped guide nonprofit and charity to solutions that match their needs and their budgets.

You may not speak tech, but our techs speak not-for-profits, so leave your IT up to us and get back to raising money and doing good for our world.


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If we’re the first outsourced Managed IT Provider you have collaborated with we will start with an assessment.

Here are our simple steps to building your successful IT environment 

Thinking of moving?
We understand switching IT providers can be hard. Some see it as risky, but we've done it without our customers having to skip a beat.

Moving is easy:

  • 1 Have a chat with us to understand the best service package to meet your needs. We provide transparent and flexible packages to provide you with cost-saving and sustainable options.
  • 2 We will provide a timeline based upon your needs.
  • 3 Let your current vendor know and have them fill in our transition checklist.
  • 4 We take it form there.

We choose to work specifically with not-for-profits because they inspire us and motivate us.

Our cost-saving options and vendor relationships guarantee that you’re getting the best deal possible.

We can guarantee that your NFP office is running efficiently, without the commitment of an in-house IT department.

An IT plan from JIG will transform your IT situation from confusion and chaos to calm.

Instead of unexpected IT issues and being frustrated with not making a difference, your organization will be in control of IT, strategically leveraging it to making our communities a better happier place

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Technology is your greatest ally in this mission to build a better world and we want to make sure we can help provide you with that peace of mind.