IT Company in Toronto

Our mission is simple:

We want to help your business grow. With our breadth of technology knowledge, we can do just that.

How do we help your business grow?

In order to achieve our mission, we carve out a tech strategy designed specifically for your business. Based on your business goals, we determine how we can utilize software and technology to help maximize your business.

Once we’re on the right track, we get working on the logistics to implement these changes. If this means ramping up your company website or developing your website’s mobile capabilities, our experts get started on your unique technological requirements right away.

As an IT company in Toronto, we know that each and every client is unique. At Jig Technologies, we promise all of our clients:

  • Transparency: We’ll give you a written proposal outlining our strategic plan for your business explaining how we will use technology to boost your business. Technology isn’t hard for us, but we know it can be a minefield.
  • Results: Not only will we follow the outlined plan, we will track and provide consistent progress reports using KPIs to measure the success of our plan.
  • Innovation: We’re constantly striving to provide our clients with cost-effective, valuable solutions for your business. We believe in innovative technology to ensure that you’re always profiting.
  • Open Communication: At Jig Technologies, we value open, honest, and responsive communication. It keeps us constantly connected to our clients, meaning we’re always here for you.

We follow our Core Values every step of the way:

  • Constant commitment to delivering exceptional customer service (We won’t stop at just the “wow” effect!)
  • Passionate about Innovative Success
  • Open and Honest Communication
  • We put our clients first
  • Continuous Growth and Learning
  • Constant commitment to loving your Jig Technologies Team Members

Our Promise

After over a decade of working with our clients to deliver the “wow” effect, we’ve refined our 5-step process to clearly outline how our project management and engineering mindsets affect our approach to any problem. As a Toronto IT company, our process takes into consideration your input, your insight, and your unique business requirements.


The key phase in any project starts with discovery and research. By defining your project, needs, key stakeholders, as well as your end users, we can work with you to strategically create a project charter that outlines all of our next steps. Through consultations with you, we clearly set expectations and lay out the project organization to ensure execution goes off without a hitch.


Our hosted staging server ensures that you can watch as your idea becomes a reality. Through graduated implementation, you can easily keep track of the building process and give feedback throughout every stage.
Regular report, task tracking, and change request logs mean that you’re constantly aware of everything that’s going on, as it happens.

Our development phase isn’t complete without extensive testing against design and functional use cases to ensure that we’re delivery a product that meets quality assurance and features to ensure that it meets your user experience requirements.


Most systems aren’t just a plug and play option, like some IT services companies may think. Which is why we commit to ensuring that you’re always getting the most out of your new systems or configurations by providing updating, support, and continued application development. We always conduct a post-launch interview to make sure that you’re utilizing your systems fully.


The last thing you want is to deploy a product hastily. Which is why we use a staging environment that mimics production so that it can easily be rolled out once approval has been given. We document every step, and ensure that your staff are trained to best utilize their new technology.

Requirements, Design & User Experience

Through brainstorming sessions we can create preliminary designs and supply our entire thought process to make sure that we’re on the same page with you. Through clear creative direction, we undergo creative exploration to provide you with an information architecture (sitemap), as well as any designs and application development environments.

Once we’re clear that our designs and plans meet your goals, we can advise on technologies and platforms that will clearly meet your end user’s needs.