Software Assessments And Management 

Due to the sheer number of programs running in any organization at one time, most businesses hardly know what’s what when it comes to whether what they’re using could be done better.

Are the resources and tools provided by your current program (or programs) meeting your needs, or are you considering a new software and need to know it will stand up to the test of time?

With the proper level of IT services and support, there's literally nothing your business can't accomplish. That's exactly what we want for you and, at the end of the day, that's what our IT consulting and managed services are all about.

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There are two main questions in a software assessment

compatible Software

Is it compatible with my current hardware?

A new piece of software may meet all of your specific requirements, but the hardware, memory, and capacity needed to function could require you to invest in entirely new hardware. Staying on budget is always important, but assessing the software before making a purchase saves you from wasting money.

Is it compatible with other software?

Knowing whether you’ll be able to export reports, or download spreadsheets to other programs can save you big on the manual labour required if not.

Software management ensures that your systems speak to each other and that you’re investing in a combination of programs speaking together that would exponentially increase office productivity.

Our software assessment services ensure that your operational efficiency and interdepartmental communication is increased, all while saving money on the manual labour required to both assess the software, and that the software replaces.

Once you’ve decided on a software, our software asset management and software development services can also ensure that your use of the software remains compliant to their SLA’s and that warranty and renewal information is easily stored and managed for you.

What Our Clients Say


“JIG introduced the IT Governance Lifecycle Program to Toronto Foundation in 2020. This important program has streamlined our internal IT processes using a disciplined structure, which has given us great transparency in the management of our IT services. JIG also provides ongoing IT security enhancements aligned with best practices. With JIG’s able support the Foundation has reduced its cybersecurity exposure, thereby providing us with greater peace of mind.”

Denise Arsenault
Denise Arsenault

Toronto Foundation


“I have worked with JIG for over 6 years now and they are incredible. Very quick to respond to our issues. They are very professional and knowledgeable.”

Jodi Tanenbaum
Jodi Tanenbaum,

Pardons Canada