Unsure how to secure your business against its cybersecurity risks?

JIG Technologies’ IT security consulting services bring top industry partnerships, today’s top IT certifications and successful cybersecurity experience to shield your information infrastructure and clients’ data from today’s increasingly complicated IT security risks.

JIG Technologies’ Cybersecurity Services

Data breaches, malware attacks and phishing (i.e. ransomware) can disrupt your operations, drive-up your costs and possibly even leave you with crippling regulatory or compliance penalties.

Our security consulting and security experts equip your organization with the hardware, software and processes to protect its information assets from a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware and data breaches.

We understand that cyber threats can emerge from many places and, in turn, impact any one of your services or activities (including email).

To ensure that your assets are fully shielded, we work to incorporate cybersecurity measures at every level. From storing your data in a highly secure datacenter with top-notch digital and physical security measures to around-the-clock monitoring, we seal every gap.


IT Security Consulting Services

The cybersecurity landscape offers a wide range of solutions, but how do you figure out what works best for your business? After all, your security risks will depend on your industry, company size and, above all, the kind of assets (e.g. client data) you’re protecting.

JIG Technologies’ cybersecurity experts will help you identify the right hardware, software and services (e.g. cloud) your business needs to fully secure itself from cyber threats.

We bring tier-one partnerships with the IT industry’s top vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare and others to meet your data storage, communications and application needs with the latest IT security solutions.

In addition, our vendor partners bring their full weight in bringing timely updates and improvements to your cybersecurity systems. Our security experts will ensure that your IT security program both aligns with your immediate and long-term needs.

IT Security Risk Assessment

Our cybersecurity experts will help you understand your business’ IT threat landscape and plan accordingly.

We rigorously test your existing IT system to identify and close its vulnerabilities by pairing you with the right solutions.

JIG Technologies will run a risk assessment of the following:

  • Software Security and Application Compliance
  • Security Program Governance Processes
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Configuration Change Control
  • Confidentiality and Compliance Guidelines Adherence
  • Information Backup Processes
  • Incident Response and Reporting Measures
  • Physical and Data Access Control Measures

We help you spot obsolete systems as well as replace them with alternatives that leverage today’s industry trends (e.g. SaaS) for guaranteed long-term compliance and security updates.


Cybersecurity Software Procurement

The IT industry has a lot to offer in terms of cybersecurity solutions, but finding the right solution – and at a cost-effective price – is a difficult task without the right partnerships and experience.

Fortunately, JIG Technologies has both – i.e. tier-one partnerships with the IT industry’s leading vendors (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, HP and others) and more than 15 years of experience – to move your IT security needs forward as soon as – and with as little friction – as possible.

Your organization needs a complete suite of services that includes both external measures (e.g. firewall) and internal tools (e.g. RASP) to guard networks and applications alike, sealing all vulnerabilities.

We do more than just help you procure software. Rather, we ensure that your cybersecurity software is correctly installed, configured, tested and maintained through updates and patches.

Our Cybersecurity Services in Toronto

Disaster Recovery Services

It’s always a best practice to be prepared for the worst case scenario. No matter how secure your IT system is, there’s always that risk of a successful cyber attack or fatal error.

No matter your industry or the size of your business, you must have redundancy in place in case of a disaster.

JIG Technologies’ disaster recovery services ensure that your application, user/device and client data is fully backed-up in secure data centers and available for immediate restoration.

We leverage industry-leading services such as Microsoft Azure to store your business’ data in data centers located all over the world. Besides world-class focus on digital security, these data centers are physically secure and closely controlled (in terms of moisture, temperature, etc) to guarantee data availability.

Security Log Management

JIG Technologies’ security log management support ensures that your IT system benefits from around-the-clock monitoring.

We’ll spend the time and resources to keep track of activity and events affecting your IT system so that your internal IT team can focus on more strategic or forward-facing programs.

Leave it to our team to sort through all of the events, clear or approve legitimate access requests, and stop breaches in their tracks.

More of our IT Security Services

Software Security Services

Ensuring the highest levels of cyber security in Toronto requires relying on security software that protects you from malware, viruses, and malicious threats.
Choosing the right software for security can be a confusing process considering the sheer number of programs available, all promising organizational protection and security.

Information Security Audit

It’s always recommended that a third party conduct your information security audits. Having an unbiased opinion ensures that your systems are audited honestly and with integrity.
Compliance-related inspections rely on frequent inspections, especially in healthcare and customer service facing fields where client information is stored, accessed, and used as part of your day-to-day business.
Preparing for these audits through IT asset management can guarantee that your systems are functioning as efficiently as they should and that your business can pass an inspection.

IT Risk Assessment

Data breaches, corrupted systems, and network failures can cost businesses thousands of dollars, if not more, in irreversible data loss.
Vulnerability scanning and IT risk assessment services are comprised of tests and analysis to find exposed ports, at-risk applications, or unsecured connections to fix them before any kind of disaster occurs.