Disaster Recovery Services

Not having an in-case-of-failure plan is just not an option. Our global world is on 24/7/365 and your website and business needs to be consistently available.

Business Continuity Services

Not having an in-case-of-failure plan is just not an option. Our global world is on 24/7/365 and your website and business needs to be consistently available. Creating a business continuity plan in Toronto is your first step towards ensuring the best uptime and having an emergency plan.

From a data centre failure to an individual workstation malfunction, thoroughly planning out the necessities, requirements, and backup plans to get your business up and running back to normal is why we offer business continuity services in Toronto.


Disaster can strike at any time, from a flood, fire, file corruption, internal threats, to viruses and malware, threats to your confidential data and business systems exist everywhere.

Telecommunications, alternate backup sites, and data migration services are also integral to consider to ensure that you don’t lose any of your sensitive information if your primary server failed.

But once your plan is established and you feel that your backup data is safe, it doesn’t stop there. Proper business continuity management requires constant monitoring to test and update your plans frequently to secure your information and safeguard your business.

Do you know where you store your data? Nowadays, it’s not recommended to keep your integral business information in just one place. If you were to lose all that data, what would happen with your business?

The long and short answer for most companies who don’t have a backup plan is that they could lose everything and have to start from scratch. Consider this: 94% of companies who suffer irreversible data loss go out of business within two years.
We don’t want that for you.

Benefits Of Our Disaster Recovery Services In Toronto

Disaster recovery in Toronto is something that any business big or small should consider. Which is why we offer data security services that aim to protect your confidential and business-critical data from any kind of intrusion.

Firstly, we always recommend the utmost in encryption for any data that you are storing and ensure that your key is accessible and that the recovery rate is within a reasonable time frame.

Our cloud disaster recovery services for Toronto features data centers that are located in multiple locations throughout the world, are temperature, moisture, and penetration controlled — ensuring that your data is both monitored and protected.

Toronto cloud backup is also available through Microsoft Azure, that ensures encryption during travel, and while it’s sitting in their numerous data centers located throughout the world.

If your current processes aren’t meeting security requirements, our team of software developers can build something for you, or help you find a program that answers your industry requirements.

Just like your building has an in-case-of-fire plan, you should have an in-case-of-emergency plan for your IT. This includes multiple plans, ranging from a short-term loss of connectivity to the permanent and complete loss of your building or servers.

Our Toronto disaster recovery consultants can help your company develop a business continuity plan that addresses every environmental or internal disaster that could potentially stall your business, and come up with solutions to prevent those problems from ever occurring.

Whether you’re saving your backup data in the cloud, on another system, or on another network, those files need to transfer over. Our data migration services ensure that your files aren’t corrupted in transit and that they’re safe and secure at rest.

Located in Toronto and Vancouver, our hard drive recovery services aim to save your corrupted files from either an internal or external hard drive. So if you find yourself in a position where data seems lost, give us a call and we’ll get our hands dirty retrieving, saving, recovering, and extracting all your data.Disaster recovery Toronto or cloud backup Toronto