We choose to work specifically with nonprofits because they inspire and motivate us.

IT Services Designed For Toronto Nonprofits

Have You Found The Right IT Services In Toronto For Your Nonprofit?

Managing a nonprofit organization is hard.

Resources are limited, and therefore even more valuable than in for-profit companies. When the margins are thin and the operation is small and efficient, expenditures to keep your IT systems running properly can be difficult to justify.

All this makes it difficult to operate effectively. After all, you have an admirable mission, and likely not all the resources you need to execute it. Your team may be mostly volunteer-based. Your budget is likely made up of grants and donations.

But you keep at it—and we want to help.

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Cost-Effective IT Services In Toronto For Nonprofits

It's all about getting the best bang for your buck.

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When you don’t have any extra dollars to spend on additional features, surplus services, or other things enjoyed by for-profits, then you have to make every single penny count.

Our expert IT services in Toronto offer an economy of scale. Instead of having to pay outright to purchase and own something, you pay a fraction of the cost on a regular basis for full access to it when you need it.
When you choose to work with our team of Toronto IT experts, you’re able to realize the true value of technology.

What JIG Technologies Does For Toronto Nonprofits

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Cost-Effective IT Expertise

You'll benefit from cost-effective IT solutions that are customized to meet your unique needs.

We’ll assess your current IT system and detect any deficiencies in your network that are impeding positive outcomes, efficiency, productivity, and security.

Security For Your Donors And Beneficiaries

You'll benefit from data protection and secure access to your IT assets. With our secure cloud solutions, you and your employees can safeguard your data and access it from anywhere you are via the Internet.

Plus, your data, both in transit and in storage will be secure. It will be protected from hackers, viruses, and spam, and quickly recoverable in the event of a loss or other disaster.

With our remote monitoring capabilities, we can identify and correct issues on your network, servers, and desktops before they create costly downtime.

Expert Assistance When You Need It

When you outsource your IT services to us, you'll have comprehensive access to our help desk professionals who are trained in the software and hardware that you use. No more waiting for a tech to come to your office.

In many instances, our tech engineers can resolve your issues remotely. If not, your ticket will be escalated, and someone will visit your office to get you up and running again.

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IT Consulting In Toronto

Most nonprofits need proper IT guidance. Leveraging technology in a smart and strategic way will ensure you can reap the benefits to further their missions and reach their long-term goals.

With limited and restricted budgets, your decision-makers need to rely on technology experts to guide and help you make wise technology investments. In this way, you'll realize greater value and the fullest potential from these solutions.

We offer years of experience that will ensure you make the right IT, and technology investments that provide the value you need. We'll do this keeping your organization's mission and vision in mind.

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3 Reasons To Try IT Services

In Toronto For Your Nonprofit

Protect You Donors

Everyone is aware that a data breach is always a possibility, and with nonprofits, those at risk are the ones that actually donated their money to a worthy cause. That's why you need to make sure you've invested in IT services in Toronto that will keep your data secure.


Support For Your Software

You probably use software like QuickBooks or Peachtree for accounting and Raiser's Edge or something similar for tracking donations and managing your fundraising relationships. Make sure you find a partner in IT services that can provide specific support for those solutions.

Get More Value

By investing in IT services that keep your downtime to a minimum and your software optimized, you're ensuring that each minute the staff spends using computers for work isn't brought to a snail's pace unnecessarily. This, in turn, nets you an ideal return on the number of working hours you can get your staff and volunteers to commit to.

Don’t Waste Your Budget

On Ineffective IT Support

Members of the nonprofit world have much more important things to spend money on, rather than internal IT staff, expensive training and education, and capital expenses like server farms and data centers. Our IT services for nonprofits in Toronto provide an economy of scale that will not be beaten by any other model, simple as that.

Get in touch with the JIG team to discover what we will do for your Toronto nonprofit.