Are your current IT services slowing down your employees and costing you too much money?

At JIG Technologies, we understand the technology problems that plague your business. We specialize in developing customized IT services whether that be Managed IT support or Custom Software development we aim to remove unnecessary costs and inefficient tools to give you a clear upper hand over your competition.

Our Vision for IT Services

To build better happier lives through technology and creativity.

That's why our tagline is:
Better. Happier. Peace of Mind.

A proven 5-Step process that ensures client success

A proven 5-Step process that ensures client success

IT services driven by powerful and passionate core values

IT services driven by powerful and passionate core values

Dedicated service to dozens of business across Canada and multi-lingual staff

Dedicated service to dozens of business across Canada and multi-lingual staff

Technology solutions that make your business a superstar

Technology solutions that make your business a superstar

Nearly two decades of proven experience developing technology solutions in Toronto

Nearly two decades of proven experience developing technology solutions in Toronto

A vision and mission that empowers your digital transformation

A vision and mission that empowers your digital transformation

Core Values that Define Our IT Services

Work Honestly Hard

We will work hard and put in whatever it takes to deliver on our promises and to get the job done right. We do this because we enjoy helping people and it doesn’t feel like work.

We work with honesty and integrity because that’s who we are. This quality lets our customers know we are there for them providing peace of mind.

We passionately strive to provide the Wow to our customers because we love to provide happiness in this way.

Support Each Others Happiness

We are a family that loves our team and want to support our own and our customer’s happiness.

We have each others back and respect one another enough to encourage each person to take ownership, make mistakes and grow and better themselves as a result.

We are Open and Honest with each other and our clients. Always communicating to build stronger relationships.

Be Endlessly Curious

Seek to listen, learn and understand. Curiosity is about questions. Ask questions before moving to answers.  The more question asked of our customers, partners and people, the more we can help.

Be curious and driven to learn about new technologies, approaches, skills, companies and people for your continued growth and learning and to help be recognized as a trusted resource.  (Previously Grow and Learn)

Always challenge status quo to better yourself, improve the world around us and provide customer success.

IT Services Designed to Help Your Business Grow

We keep your business’ unique needs at the centre of the software, hardware and IT service tools we build into your IT system.

To best meet your needs, we rigorously provide the following benefits to each of our clients:


We start with a detailed written proposal that fully outlines the IT solutions we’ll incorporate into your system. Our goal is to explain it as clear and as simple as possible so that you have all of the facts available.


We make sure that you fully and exactly know what’s going on in terms of how your IT system is developing. We use predefined KPIs to keep track of and measure how our strategic IT plan is progressing.


We aim to provide our clients with the most cost-effective IT solutions available. We also use cutting-edge technology to maximize your gains and keep you ahead of the competition.

Open Communication

No matter the issue, question or concern, we’re always connected to our clients and their needs. We’ll be available when you need us.

IT Services - Client Testimonials

For website and computer IT support, JIG is responsive, efficient, and exacting. The JIG team works hard to ensure that my office keeps running smoothly, even as the countdown clock is running.
Roberta Bondar, Owner, Roberta Bondar Astronaut Enterprise

“JIG is an excellent provider of custom software development and support. They are very easy to work with and very professional. They take the time to work with clients to understand individual needs. I would highly recommend them.
Sarah Page, Account Manager, Marshall Fenn

I highly recommend the services of JIG Technologies. They have provided our organization with both managed IT services and custom software development. Their support has been timely, proactive, professional, nimble, and affordable. I frequently hear from our team members how helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable the JIG team has been. From the management level to their help desk, they have provided an exceptional customer experience.
Christine Seetal, Ontario College of Family Physicians

We Fix the Tough IT Issues So That You Can Lead in Your Market

IT Solutions in Toronto

We offer many IT services, enabling you to readily expand your IT effectiveness without worrying about more hiring or expensive capital expenditure costs.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting services cover a number of areas, including: network infrastructure planning; data/server/office or platform migrations; hardware procurement; and digital asset management to name a few.

Managed IT Services

It doesn’t matter if you have a small workforce or enough staff to support an internal IT team, daily IT work isn’t easy or low-cost.

We can help you enhance your IT effectiveness by managing all of your daily IT issues, security needs and other needs. We can also free your internal IT team to focus on more pressing work.

Software Development

Software (e.g. applications) are a critical part in today’s business climate. We help you design, build and manage software assets to support your every need. We’ll ensure that your digital assets are also secure and recoverable in case of any disaster.

Mobile Device Management

Devices (e.g. mobile) are essential, but managing them is vital to ensure that you don’t suffer from leaks or breaches. We can fully manage your devices and users – be it enforcing company-wide policies to remote-wiping – so that you can focus on work.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your application, company and client data must be secure and available for recovery in case of a disaster. We’ll securely store your data in a global network of fully managed data centers so that your business operations are immediately restored.

A Proven Process that Works

With over 15 years of experience supporting the IT needs of many clients, we’ve refined our delivery model on the following:


We start every project by understanding its scope, requirements, key stakeholders and end-users.

Requirements, Design & User Experience

In this stage, we build preliminary designs and outline our entire thought process to ensure we’re on the same page as you.

We provide an information architecture (sitemap) detailing the designs and application development environments.


We implement a graduated development process, one that you can keep full track of through our regular reporting, task tracking and change request logs.

Upon initial completion, we ensure final completion by conducting extensive testing (including functional use cases) so that your IT system meets your quality and user experience requirements.


We first use a staging environment to ensure that a launch will proceed smoothly and, once qualified, complete a real roll-out.


We couple our IT design and installation work with a complete maintenance support package. This includes updates, ongoing application development services and security/software updates.