Data Security Services by JIG Technologies

Protecting your data, data centres, and databases from unwanted attacks or threats is an integral part of disaster recovery.

Protecting your business-critical data and databases from unwanted attacks or threats is an integral part of Data Security.

What is Data Security?

Working in line with your organizations risk strategy, the purpose of data security is to maintain privacy, integrity and accessibility to all business-critical data and prevent corruption, and malicious attacks from interrupting business as usual.

We work with you to create a security architecture and response plan to ensure that any incident that you might face, is efficiently remedied. We provide before, during and after care to repair and recover from any event.


How Can My Data Be Vulnerable?

Some methods of breaching your security protocols can arise from:

  • Poor Email Standards
  • Easily-Accessible Networks
  • Easily-Hackable Passwords
  • Not securing new computers or hard drives on the network.
  • Poor Encryption or Storage

In addressing and considering all types of data threats, we can then reverse engineer your security policies to establish a more secure network and system. But factoring in your specific industry and compliance requirements as well forces us to ensure that all possibilities are addressed, blocked, and locked out.

Malicious threats to data are on the increase, whether it’s credit card or personal enrollment information, your responsibility is to keep your client’s details safe. Which is why you rely on IT companies to protect your data as part of your business continuity plan.Top of the line data security service & data security companies