Custom Software Development

Our custom software development services can help you replace obsolete applications and increase your business’s productivity.

At JIG Technologies, we build custom software solutions that leverage the latest IT tools, IT certifications and experience. Improve your business processes so that your teams run better, faster and smarter.

Toronto Custom Software Solutions



Should you renew those subscriptions, find an off-the-shelf solution or build something better?

Software Assessment

Software Assessment

Subscriptions, license keys, user agreements, we can navigate through your software and make sense of it.

Custom Software Development in Toronto

Custom Software Development in Toronto

If you’re ready to start out-performing your competitors and increase efficiency, we’re here to help.

We Leverage Expertise, Industry Partnerships and Experience in Our Custom Software Work

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Custom Software Development in Toronto

We are a specialized Toronto software development company (specialties like simplified inventory warehouse management suites and others) for businesses of every size and industry.

To simplify your workflow, we ensure that your new software is readily integrated to your existing tools, no matter how unique or customized those tools may be.

We design software to optimize your processes, i.e. equipping your employees to spend less time dealing with unproductive tasks (e.g. bad user interface) and more on their core work, which supports your growth objectives.

Not only do we work to meet your requirements, we also take the limits of your budget very seriously. In fact, of the projects we’ve delivered, 97% of them were within our clients’ budgets.

JIG Technologies is a Toronto-based managed service provider (MSP) that offers a full suite of software technology and services to fast-growing companies having trouble with their increasingly complicated and expansive IT needs.

JIG Technologies Custom Built Software Solutions in Toronto

We’ve developed a comprehensive range of custom software solutions for a wide-range of applications. Our software is now in use by companies in the logistics, consulting, online retail or shopping and other major industries.

By leveraging our Gold and Preferred partnerships with top IT vendors (such as Microsoft, VMWare and others), we utilize the latest tools, processes and services in our development.

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Custom Software Development Examples

JIG Technologies has developed custom software solutions for a diverse line-up of use-cases and requirements, including:

  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Suites
  • Warehouse, Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Website Design and Creation
  • Account Based Marketing Suites
  • Database Development
  • Real-Time Analysis and Reporting Suites

It doesn’t matter how niche or granular your requirements are, we’re equipped to answer your needs through functional, tested and fully supported custom software solutions.

Our Custom Software Development Services in Toronto

Custom Software Build-Out Services

Be it your mobile applications, websites or software programs, we do much more than just meeting baseline technical requirements.

Rather, we take every aspect of your software seriously, from each of its technical aspects to the user-interface and aesthetics. We want to make sure your new software is readily embraced by all stakeholders and has an immediate and positive impact on your productivity.

In addition, we take your brand seriously as well. There’s no reason for your software to feel out-of-place, we’ll work to align it with your brand’s uniqueness and other strong qualities.

Software Procurement Services

Custom software development services arenèt appropriate for every scenario. In case you need an off-the-shelf program or application (to complement your custom software or to replace it), we can help there as well.

Our software procurement services leverage tier-one partnerships with the IT industry’s top vendors, including Microsoft, VMWare and others, to access the latest tools and services.

We’ll ensure that any SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) you procure both meets your needs and is fully supported in terms of updates, configuration and security. Our team will also help you secure the best possible service-level agreements (SLA) as well.

Software Development Consulting Services

JIG Technologies’ certified and experienced IT consultants will be there to help you define your software requirements at each step.

No matter the industry, use-case scenario or the stage at which your business is at, we’ll provide the insight you need to make the correct decision. We’ll equip you increase your employee productivity, raise client or customer satisfaction and maintain compliance.

Custom Software Asset Management

Be it custom in-house software or procured software, our software asset management services will equip you to prevent redundancies and non-essential software spending (i.e. lower your costs).

We’ll also help you keep atop of your licenses and software updates, ensuring that you maintain your legal and SLA compliance as well as security in your software assets.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Salem, Creative Services & Marketing Manager, Toronto Foundation

“JIG Technologies is amazing. I had the opportunity to work with them as both a development partner, building custom software and as our in-house IT support.

As a developer JIG has a way of just making things work. They inherited a massive web platform created by our previous supplier in Drupal and had the unenviable task of repairing and maintaining it. Not only that, the platform was shared by five separate community foundations across Canada, each plugging in and skinning the site for their own market. A massive technical and political project that they managed with ease.

Beyond this, JIG helped us recreate our corporate website and develop a microsite to house the Toronto's Vital Signs Report and all of the past-year issues of the report. The beautiful part about the microsite was the ease in which each year a new site could be created and the past year easily archived for research purposes.

Ultimately, the best thing I can say about JIG technologies is that I knew before I picked up the phone with a new idea that they would always come back to me with a novel way to make my ideas happen, often with a better solution than I had first imagined.”

Michael Salem, Creative Services & Marketing Manager, Toronto Foundation

Case Studies

Inapak Systems: Integrated WMS, inventory and Webstore System for warehousing and Logistics

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