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Custom Software Development

Unlock the full potential of your organization with tailored software solutions engineered by JIG Technologies. Our team of seasoned developers, project managers, and IT consultants collaborate closely with you to understand your objectives and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Our comprehensive custom software development services include:


Business Process Optimization

Drive efficiency and productivity by formalizing and integrating your business processes to align with your overarching strategies and goals.


Web Development

Make a lasting impression online with captivating and responsive websites that serve as powerful tools for engagement and interaction.


Real Estate Platforms

Elevate client-agent communication with signature platforms that facilitate seamless interactions, notifications, and engagement.


ECommerce Solutions

Simplify transactions and enhance customer experiences with secure and intuitive e-commerce platforms tailored to your unique business model.


Education Platforms

Empower learners with custom-built online tools and scalable systems designed to facilitate learning, assessment, and skill development.


Custom Content Management Systems

Take control of your digital content with tailored solutions for organizing, storing, and publishing content across various platforms.

Software Architecture and Design

At the core of every successful software solution lies a robust architecture and intuitive design. Our experienced professionals specialize in crafting:


Innovative Architectures

Leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to architect solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and future-proof.


Intuitive Designs

Creating user-centric designs that prioritize usability, accessibility, and aesthetics to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Software Architecture and Design
Software Assessments And Management

Software Assessments And Management

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure the optimal performance, security, and compliance of your software systems with our comprehensive assessments and management services. Our offerings include:


Comprehensive Assessments

Conducting thorough analyses of your software systems to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.


Strategic Management

Developing tailored strategies for software maintenance, updates, and enhancements to maximize efficiency and minimize risks.

PHP Development

Harness the power of PHP with our team of experienced developers. Our PHP development services encompass:


Custom Applications

Building bespoke applications tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.


Integration Solutions

Seamlessly integrating PHP solutions with your existing systems and platforms to streamline operations and enhance functionality.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Let us simplify the complexity of software asset management and ensure the efficient procurement, licensing, and compliance of your software assets. Our services include:


Procurement Services

Guiding you through the process of selecting and acquiring software solutions that align with your business needs and objectives.


Licensing Compliance

Ensuring adherence to licensing agreements and regulations to minimize risks and maintain compliance.

Software IT Procurement

Navigating the vast landscape of software solutions can be daunting. Our industry experts provide end-to-end procurement services, including:


Needs Assessment

Conducting in-depth analyses of your organization's requirements and objectives to identify the most suitable software solutions.


Vendor Evaluation

Assessing and selecting vendors based on factors such as reliability, scalability, and alignment with your business goals.

Software IT Procurement
AODAWCAG Compliance

AODA/WCAG Compliance

Ensure your digital presence meets accessibility standards and provides inclusive experiences for all users with our expertise in AODA/WCAG compliance. Our services include:


Accessibility Audits

Evaluating your digital assets to identify accessibility barriers and areas for improvement.


Remediation Strategies

Implementing solutions to address accessibility issues and ensure compliance with AODA/WCAG guidelines.

Contact us today to learn more about how JIG Technologies can tailor these services to meet your organization's unique needs and objectives. Let us be your partner in digital transformation and innovation.

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How Can JIG Help?

At JIG Technologies, we want to partner with our clients to become leaders in accessibility and help create a better Ontario.

JIG compliance services include:


Assessment of your website for compliance.


Website compliance plan implementation.


Plan and timeline to address any necessary changes.

What Our Clients Say


“JIG introduced the IT Governance Lifecycle Program to Toronto Foundation in 2020. This important program has streamlined our internal IT processes using a disciplined structure, which has given us great transparency in the management of our IT services. JIG also provides ongoing IT security enhancements aligned with best practices. With JIG’s able support the Foundation has reduced its cybersecurity exposure, thereby providing us with greater peace of mind.”

Denise Arsenault
Denise Arsenault

Toronto Foundation


“I have worked with JIG for over 6 years now and they are incredible. Very quick to respond to our issues. They are very professional and knowledgeable.”

Jodi Tanenbaum
Jodi Tanenbaum,

Pardons Canada