6 Benefits to Choosing Managed IT Support

Outsourced managed IT support has come a long way in the last two decades. With advancements in technology such as cloud services, virtualization, and remote support, help desks are slowly overtaking their in-house equivalents. And thanks to some intelligent strategizing and slick software, keeping your organization ‘always on’ is easier than ever!

Contrary to what many believe, outsourced IT is more than a call center. If used to their fullest potential, your business will enjoy a plethora of benefits. Here are six of the most impactful ones:

A Single Point of Contact

Inquiries, requests, modifications, or complaints — an outsourced IT help desk functions as a one-stop-shop for all your needs. By combining remote and on-site support, they can troubleshoot any of your customers’ needs. Not only does this save your customers time and money, but it also relieves your staff from additional responsibility.

Of course, in order for your managed IT support to function properly, software must be put in place where employees and customers can submit requests. Not to worry though, as outsourced support will typically install, integrate, update and maintain this for you. You’ll also get the option to select between numerous industry-specific applications on the market today, making it even easier for you to contact help.

Expert Coaching for Your Staff

Managed IT support can also serve as consultants and educators for your staff, thanks to their extensive experience in the field. With occasional training and face-to-face instruction, your employees can be updated on technology best practices, upcoming IT trends and more.

Help desk staff can also provide security tips against issues like phishing scams and spam emails, and advice on how to make your staff’s job easier by automating processes to avoid unexpected IT issues in the future.

This functionality allows you to cut the need to offer training and education courses for in-house staff, meaning you can reinvest those expenses into more business-growing ventures.

Extended Support

If you’re like most small-to-medium-sized businesses, you operate between nine-to-five, meaning your in-house IT department cannot fix issues before or after hours. With managed IT Support, no issue is too early or late to solve as most will offer round-the-clock service.

 Reduce Risk

All business investments have a certain amount of risk, and technology is no different. Managed IT Support shoulders these risks for you. With industry knowledge on compliance, security, and maintenance, they provide the advantage of deciding how to avoid risks, and maximize your IT infrastructure.

More Time to Focus on Business

Since an IT help desk takes care of the technical problems, your employees will be able to focus on the work they’re so good at. As a result, you as a business-leader can concentrate on more business-expanding ventures instead of support tickets.

We know that many managed services providers promise to put their customers ahead. We do that too, but our IT support takes it a step further with 15 minute response times to solve any problem regardless of complexity! Contact us today to learn more!