Fear Machine Learning

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have brought us to the point where systems are using a combination of algorithms, analysis, and experience to learn and program themselves without human intervention.


This type of progress has and will result in serious changes to many industries.

For instance:

The biggest indicator of the AI trend may come from Monster, which reports that the three most in-demand skills on the hiring platform are machine learningdeep learning, and natural language processing.

Machine Learning Trends Specific to IT

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) will be radically changed by AI skills like machine learning.

Services like business continuity and disaster recovery will be transformed by the adoption of this technology. After all, disaster — whether it be from a natural disaster, file corruption, or viruses and malware — can strike at strike at any moment.

Even your relationship with your MSP may change. Already, MSPs offer consulting services that can transform your business. Soon, those services will be further powered by these trends.

So, these trends are coming, but should you fear them? Continue reading to learn the answer.

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