Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Join us on September 22nd at 1:00pm (EST) for a one hour webinar on GA4. This webinar will introduce new users to the interface and familiarize them with some basic features.

How GA4 can help optimize your site and attract the visitors you want

Introduction to the dashboard

How to track visitors 

Create events and conversion

Closed - Stay tuned for more webinars


Google Analytics 4 property is now the default when you create a new property in Google Analytics. If you already have Universal Analytics, you will at some point have to upgrade to GA4. And if you’re just creating your Google Analytics account, you will be prompted to do so in GA4.

In this intro session, we will look at the basics of GA4 and how to navigate through the new interface. We'll go over the importance of analytics for organizations, how analytics data will help you optimize content on your website to get more visitors, donors or volunteers.

GA4 offers many more tracking opportunities such as web and app-based tracking, event-driven data model and automatically tracks events like scroll, outbound link clicks, site search, video engagement and file downloads. This session will help you learn how to find and interpret all this data and put it to use for your organization.


Kelly Noussis has been working for JIG Technologies for almost 7 years. Since 2015 Kelly has been teaching herself HTML/CSS/Javascript and more recently PHP. Inspired by her desire to provide the best websites for clients, Kelly focused on SEO, AODA compliance, managing Google Ad Campaigns and of course, Analytics. Kelly is passionate about optimizing client’s websites to work for them, their visitors as well as ranking on Google and remaining accessible for everyone.



Universal Analytics VS GA4 – What’s the diff?

Introduction to the very handy new dashboard

How to follow users’ paths

Tracking Custom Audiences

How to create trackable events and conversions