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Is it time to address those current IT system concerns?

According to reports by IT World Canada, 57% of small businesses have no idea what their business processes will look like in the future because of cloud computing. By offering a full range of IT services, we can ensure that your business is functioning as it should, so you can stop worrying about what your future looks like.

JIG Technologies brings more than 16 years experience as managed IT services company. We provide Managed IT Services in Toronto, to a wide range of industries and facilitate the growth of rapidly growing companies all over Canada.

We can help you through the variety of services we provide that not only reflect our expertise but our commitment to our clients. The team of experts at JIG Technologies evolves and adapts, just like the technology we are working with.

Our Managed IT Services will handle the complicated, time-consuming and costly areas of your IT so that you can focus on your core business.

Here’s how we can help:

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Managed IT Services in Toronto

JIG Technologies Managed IT Services

JIG Technologies brings over 16 years of experience as a Toronto based IT solutions provider to fast-growing and mature businesses alike.

We combine tier-one industry partnerships with the top IT vendors, the latest IT certifications and real-world experience to identify the IT bottlenecks our clients are facing.

Ours managed IT services in Toronto have enabled our clients to take control of their ballooning IT needs – from time-consuming technical support to network-monitoring and cyber security support – without complicated and costly IT hiring and acquisition.

Don’t let IT issues distract you from your core business activities. Hand the wheels of your IT to an experienced IT MSP in Toronto and focus your efforts on what you do best and succeed in the market.

Guaranteed Full-Time IT Services and Support in Toronto

JIG Technologies provides full-time IT services and support with 24-hour support from Monday through Friday, ensuring your staff’s daily IT issues are professionally handled when they need the most support. Be it technical support, monitoring or security support, we have you covered so that you can focus on your actual work.

Don’t Let Ballooning IT Problems Distract You From Achieving Your Revenue Goals

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Other Managed IT Services We Provide

Managed IT Security Services

Cyber security is an integral aspect of our managed IT services. From safeguarding your communications to securely keeping your data safe for compliance and – if need be – recovery, we have you covered.

To build and maintain an effective security system for your IT, you need real-world cyber security experience and certified expertise.

We’ll bring that to the table to equip your IT infrastructure with firewalls, threat management tools, VPN (virtual private network), IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) and wireless network security. We can also build security systems into your software.

In addition, we also provide remote-monitoring and management for performance optimization and event management. We safeguard all information assets so that you can focus on your core business.

Helpdesk Managed IT Support Services

Our IT helpdesk and support team will respond to each of your daily IT issues in 15 minutes or less.

Be it system breakdowns or something else we’ll conduct first-level diagnosis to identify the problem and proceed to fix it immediately.

Our team will also document best practices and processes unique to your business so that your typical IT issues are rapidly resolved. We can handle issues for a wide range of devices including computers, printers, network systems, mobile, tablets and others.

24/7 Server Management and Monitoring

We provide 24/7 server management services through remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools. By deploying ticket tracking, automated scripting, remote desktop monitoring and active reporting, we cover your servers’ maintenance needs.

We’ll also equip you to monitor your servers’ health through custom-built dashboards. This ensures that you’re aware of what’s happening with your IT infrastructure.

Our team will also manage the health of your computers and workstations by deploying OS updates, defragmenting hard disks, updating your anti-virus systems and handling system administration duties.

We manage your servers through a comprehensive set of tasks to ensure maximum uptime. We free you from the stress of worrying about your IT system.

Managed IT Services for Small Business Consulting

Don’t let complicated IT issues (e.g. technical issues, compliance requirements, SLAs, etc) distract you from your core business.

Our IT consultants will help you understand your current IT needs (based on your business’ unique needs) and future outlook.

We’ll define targets, business goals, roadmaps, business models and digital strategies to optimize or control your IT expenditure as well as increase your IT system’s effectiveness.

Toronto Computer Support

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you cannot afford to have devices, software or applications that fail to run properly or are out-of-date in terms of security and compliance.

Our team provides end-to-end guidance in procurement, licensing, repairing and retiring hardware and software assets.

In terms of software, we ensure that every asset – be it program or mobile application – is updated, patched and (in case of SaaS) is in fully compliance with your SLA.

In terms of hardware, we provide repair services for computers and other devices.

Managed IT Network Support Services

Our managed IT network support services will ensure that your communications and access to data is secured and controlled.

We’ll manage your local area network, wide area network and wireless network(s) to ensure fast and reliable connectivity. In addition, we’ll secure them using firewalls, encryption and VPN.

IT Outsourcing Service Providers

Rapidly – and cost-effectively – close your IT expertise gaps via JIG Technologies’ outsourcing services.

We’ll help you fill your staff requirements with certified experts who will not only have an immediately positive impact, but will free you from the costs and time spent on new hiring and acquisition.

What Our Clients Say

  • “For website and computer IT support, JIG is responsive, efficient and exacting. The JIG team works hard to ensure that my office keeps running smoothly even as the countdown clock is running.”
    Roberta Bondar, Owner, Roberta Bondar Astronaut Enterprise
  • “Excellence, particularly the transference of business requirements into a viable technology solution. IN many areas, the JIG team has gone above and beyond to deliver.”
    Jacquie Bukaluk, Senior Manager, Deloitte
  • “The JIG team was able to understand our needs, explain it to us in plain English how to achieve our goals, and quickly and cost-effectively implement customized solutions. Joining forces with JIG was one of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made.”
    Lisa Gammage, Director, Seniors Division, Nucleus Independent Living

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