The Windows 10 Update: Be Wary of Shiny New Things

Upgrades are exciting. Who doesn’t love shiny, new things? But as has been the case with Windows, loading in a new operating system comes with risks, and there is that “honeymoon period” where all the bugs and wrinkles get discovered. Are you sure you want to be at the front of the line just to go through that? We’d like to recommend wait until the dust settles on this one. There have been some big promises made, and big changes include the new browser and Cortana, the virtual assistant. These especially need time to prove themselves. At least a month.

With a full year available to take advantage of the free offer, you can let the bugs get ironed out and still have time to ready your systems, backup your data and be ready to upgrade when you feel ready. One of the big issues now are the automatic software updates, whether you want it or not. While it does solve the security concern of keeping things patched, the risk in that updates aren’t always clean.

Error message or the new “Blue Screen of Death?”

Windows has had some bad moments in update history. And the latest version, Windows 10, pushed out an advance driver update for a popular video card with just this scenario. Users were not happy. They can’t opt out. Recommendations are that users make sure they have System Restore running, and they create a restore point before installing any more new patches.

Advice from the experts seems to be: leave the experiment to more seasoned or daring Windows aficionados. Given what we know from experience, we’re inclined to agree. We’ll be posting a guide to putting up and cleaning up Windows 10 in a few weeks, once we see how it all plays out. Meanwhile, resist the urge to join the migration just yet. You don’t need to be the live beta test this time.

Thanks for reading and hope we helped!
Cheryl Biswas, Editor