4 Common IT Security Vulnerabilities You Should Know About

Small and medium-sized business leaders are often kept up at night by the same questions, like “is all my company data safe?” or “is there a potential loophole a hacker can exploit?” And since sophisticated malware and targeted threats are on the rise, effective security depends on rapid detection and a deeper level of intelligence.


In order to help with this, the experts at JIG decided to compile the following most common threats your network can come across. We’ve also provided insight on how we developed our Security Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting Program: an all-in-one solution using HIPAA/PCI compliance software tools to deal with all sorts of security vulnerabilities for you, regardless of the size of your network or your business requirements (all done for an economical, no commitment, flat-rate fee!).

#1 Malware

Malware is an umbrella term which includes viruses, trojans, spyware, and other software which maliciously harms your workstations and business network. Malware is extremely common, and in spite of being a regular occurrence on many systems, businesses often fall victim to its attacks.

Malware causes your computers to display seemingly random pop-up messages with false information and direction, asking you to reinstall your entire operating system, or delete specific files. Other version of malware steal data, send mails and messages on your behalf and ultimately hijack your network entirely.


By monitoring your Active Directory (AD) and file server activities with our Network Auditor TM software, you’ll be able to easily detect security incidents and configuration issues. We’ll alert you and then get to solving them immediately so you can enjoy an efficient, fully-functioning network.

#2 Ransomware

Think of ransomware as the older, scarier brother of malware. A subset of malware, ransomware holds your data hostage, encrypting it, and then demanding an up-front payment for you to regain access to your information.

Unfortunately, Ransomware attacks have exploded in number over the years, and can be most commonly contracted to your systems via outdated versions of your software which develop security loopholes.


Our Security Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting is a proactive and systematic approach to identifying and reporting IT security risks and vulnerabilities. Through monitoring your servers 24×7 using our Autotask TM software we ensure your networks overall health remains top-notch with the latest security patch.

#3 Phishing Scams

Phishing is one of the most common cyber crimes, typically because criminals find it easy to execute. It’s low risk, and can yield great returns if successful. You’d receive a fake email which appears to be from a reputable source — for example, a social media company — and will include a call to action to a link which will ask you to “verify your credentials”, so they can gain access to your profile/account and drain it of anything valuable.


JIG’s Security Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting Program proactively identifies and alerts you of emails which contain links that are suspicious. It will also scan attachments in every email to verify their safety, meaning any IT security risks are kept at bay, and your IT infrastructure remains healthy.

#4 Hacks and Insider Threats

We know by now the seriousness of hack attempts and data breaches. Thousands of dollars lost in repair and recovery, and not to mention the damage to reputation and the obvious downtime. But insider threats are an often neglected cybersecurity concern. When employees resign or get laid off, they might create a backdoor for themselves, or hand your data to your competition.


Security Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting puts an end to the uncertainty. The in-built firewall updates itself so you don’t have to. It analyzes all your internet traffic and reports to you immediately in the event of a cyberthreat and/or attempted intrusion.

It then provides you with a detailed network security report, detailing the type of hack, its location, and other details.

What’s more, Security Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting then recommends corrective actions to mitigate the risks and address the vulnerabilities before they cause problems for the organization, such as security breaches and loss of sensitive data. As a result, your business operations are maintained at the highest level!

JIG Technologies is your dedicated Managed Services Provider at the cutting-edge of innovation, as displayed by our Security Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting Program. If you’d like to take advantage of done-for-you security, contact us today to learn more!