How to pick the right laptop

Business Laptops versus Consumer Laptops

An IT Company review on what the best options are for you and your organization

It’s hard to know just what kind of machine you might need when endeavoring upon a new purchase. With so many models, brands, and different types of devices, it can be a whirlwind of information and choices. Just knowing the specs of a computer (such as the CPU/RAM/Disk) doesn’t always tell you everything you need to know. We want to help illuminate the differences and help you avoid overpaying for what you don’t need, or not getting what you do need.


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Business Laptop

  • Sturdier and last longer.
  • Business laptops are generally more powerful than your typical consumer laptop. They are built with more powerful components that allow for consistent use.
  • Durable casing designed for travel and commuting.

Consumer Laptop

  • Consumer laptops are not designed for consistent daily use or a 40-hour work week like business laptops are. Nor are they designed to travel as frequently as business laptops.

Technical Features

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Business Laptop

  • Business models have faster processors, graphics cards and more storage space.
  • Batteries that last longer and charge faster
  • Have more configuration options to make them compatible with your IT company specs. This may mean more options for configuring hardware and software.
  • Business laptops often come with Windows 10 Pro (latest OS), which gives access to extra features like being able to join to a domain.

Consumer Laptop

  • Frequently designed with obsolescence in mind, so they are not typically built with the fastest, strongest components
  • Consumer grade laptops don't usually allow for the end-user to pick custom hardware. For most users this fine, you get what you need in one neat package.


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Business Laptop

  • Designed for durability and long use, business laptops aren’t known to be as good looking as their consumer half.

Consumer Laptop

  • Consumer laptops tend to have bright, glossy displays, modern keyboards and flashy chassis.
  • Usually has new design features such as 360-degree hinges, built-in styluses, detachable screens and roomy touchpads


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Business Laptop

  • Business models are a little more costly than consumer models due to the durability and strong hardware
  • Usually come with a 3-year warranty
  • You can expect a business laptop to last about 5 years.

Consumer Laptop

  • Often less expensive
  • Designed to last between 2-4 years


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Business Laptop

  • It comes with premium encryption tools to take care of your information security while you concentrate on achieving your business goals
  • Business laptops are also typically built with software that makes it easier to manage and secure devices on enterprise-class networks
  • Business laptops give you more options when it comes to servicing and repair compared to their counterparts.
  • Many of spare components such as replacement batteries and AC adapters are readily available for business laptops and their less compact design makes it possible for your IT company to sort out any issues.

Consumer Laptop

  • As cloud solutions are becoming more user-friendly, the gap between consumer and business laptops is narrowing when it comes to managing and securing devices on enterprise-class networks