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In-House IT

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will typically cost less annually than a full-time salary for a small to mid sized business. Most Managed Service Providers offer several flexible payment options to suit your business needs. Whether that’s with a subscription-based structure, blocks of time, or annual fees, there’s something out there that will suit your businesses requirements and alleviate your business from the challenge of running and supporting its own in-house IT department. 68% of SMB and mid-market business executives believe working with an MSP helps them stay ahead of their competition

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An In-House IT service technician is traditionally a lower cost per hour for labour. Since they are usually salaried, an In-House IT person can work on new projects and tasks that crop up without affecting monthly labour budgets.

MSPs are typically a team of highly specialized, elite technologist (as opposed to a single generalist) that provide more in-depth expertise and faster resolution time.


In-house IT people can have tighter personal relationships through water cooler chats and more frequent face time with staff. In-House IT staff have a quicker, in-person response time that may satisfy staff uncomfortable with remote support.

Given the wide range of expertise available in most Managed Service Provider, they can provide structured, strategy-based plans rooted in experience. MSPs work as business partners and help develop long-term plans for the company’s growth, including developing goals, integration of technology to facilitate achieving those goals.


Easier to pull into ad hoc meetings with management thereby providing quick consultation and insight. Closer ties with management and stakeholders mean that an In-House IT person will have more intimate connection with the players involved.

Available for a wider set of hours – helpdesk teams can be available 24/7 without needing vacation time.


An in-house IT person will be available physically on site, but not available all the time.

An MSP will have a team of staff that can potentially work on multiple projects concurrently when needed.   This allows for scale up to get large volumes of work done faster.


Salaried In-House IT staff can take the time to execute long-term projects without adding to company’s expense.

Managed Service Providers have a better understanding of technology tools, cybersecurity defense and best practices. Their is is technology, trends, efficiency, and security across many organizations. The second most common reason survey respondents said they use an MSP is for increased security (46%).


In-House IT staff have a closer understanding of IT structure and nuances within the company. Every company has their own specialized structures and systems in place. An In-House IT person will be familiar with your environment.