Leverage our Disaster Recovery Planning to Protect and Restore Your Company’s Data

Data is critical for business. Be it your company’s secrets to the private and financial information of your customers, data is critical to generating business and profitability. However, if your data’s vulnerable to breaches and loss, then it’ll be as much of a liability as an advantage.

Why take the risk at all?

By leveraging credible data security and disaster recovery planning, you can readily protect your data and be ready to overcome any eventuality, including a breach or crash.

Why Proper Disaster Recovery Planning?

Data Security Matters

If managed incorrectly, your data security efforts could get costly on two fronts:

First, the cost of a breach could result in a series of avoidable expenses. These costs can include government penalties, compensating affected parties and the cost of recovery and rebuilding your security.

Second, data security isn’t an easy task. In fact, an effective company data security regime requires you to combine the right IT infrastructure and expertise, which isn’t easy to find in today’s market. Misapplication will make you vulnerable to data security threats and, in turn, compound your operational costs. This will eat into your bottom-line and reduce profitability.

In addition to the direct data security issues, your data is also accountable to government regulatory regimes. In fact, your compliance obligations aren’t confined to the laws of the country in which you’re based.

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for example mandates how you can collect, process and store the data of (EU) citizens, even if you’re in Canada. You’re also liable to EU penalties if you fail to correctly apply the GDPR.

Data Security & Disaster Recovery Planning

Given the technical complexity, compliance issues and high-risk posed by threats, data security is far from an easy process, but these problems apply as much to enterprise as they do for small or medium-sized corporations.

However, smaller businesses have fewer resources, which makes them more sensitive to the costs of solid data security and the risks. This is where leveraging credible data security and disaster recovery planning from an experienced managed IT vendor is critical.

There’s no need to stress your IT team and limited IT solutions with haphazard attempts. You can communicate your concerns to a managed IT vendor, which in turn can decipher each of your data security and backup problems with a risk assessment and tailored solution roadmap.

Don’t Let Data Security Threats Distract You From Excelling


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JIG’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

JIG Restores Your Data in Minutes

JIG Technologies’ backup and disaster recovery services comprise of both on-site and off-site inputs to protect your data. Your data is stored in data centres located in multiple parts of the world with complete on-site environmental control, monitoring and security. We comply with every compliance requirement affecting you and your data security interests.

In even the worst case scenario of a breach or fatal error, our disaster recovery services will restore your data in a matter of minutes. We guarantee that your business will be back in full operation immediately. Our data security services also include security log management; this is a proactive process of monitoring your entire system for possible breaches and intercept them.

Device Management Solutions

Our device management solutions will also protect any data stored or accessible on your mobile devices. Be it your laptops, phones or even tablets, JIG Technologies is equipped to manage all of your device management needs. In case of theft or loss, we can remotely wipe the data, thus protecting you and your customers from the risk of a breach.

IT Security Consulting Services

It’s no secret that building a solid disaster recovery services and data security regime is difficult. That’s where JIG’s IT consulting services come in to bring you the necessary technical expertise, industry experience and access to the industry’s best tools to build the right solution.

Our IT consultants will work your company’s stakeholders to identify core technology data stores and coordinate to create a complete backup strategy. We’ll fully test and regularly examine your solution to guarantee its availability, especially if and when you need it the most.

No matter your company’s size or industry, JIG Technologies is equipped to respond to each of your needs with a tailored, cost-effective and fully capable data security and disaster recovery offering. Contact us today to discuss how we can optimize your IT resources to meet both your IT needs and strategic business goals.