Why You Need a Mobile Device Management Solution

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, are essential tools in modern-day businesses of all sizes and industries. From equipping employees to be more productive to opening new methods of achieving core business tasks, our reliance on mobile is increasing.

But as with most technology advances, mobile devices carry vulnerabilities of their own, such as being prone to loss or theft, among other scenarios. Securing these assets can get complicated and overly costly. This is where mobile device management (MDM) solutions come into play

Why Mobile Device Management Solutions Matter

Mobile is Essential

Smartphones have enabled companies as small as startups to as large as enterprise to boost the productivity of their employees. Simple things, such as instantly accessing email, calendar and contacts from just the palm of your hand, have allowed workers to save time and respond to issues much more quickly than they would otherwise.

The increase in productivity along with the ability to do new things on-the-go, such as manage payment transactions, issue invoices and other tasks have also enabled businesses to reduce their costs. Mobile – combined with the around-the-clock internet connectivity – is empowering even the smallest of businesses to punch above their weight in their operations.

Mobile has also been the home of innovation, especially in terms of mobile app development. As of 2018, mobile users have the ability to manage entire websites, optimally create certain forms of content (especially multimedia), view real-time dashboards from enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and an expanding number of other tasks.

Mobile is Vulnerable

Simply put, there’s no limit to the scope mobile brings to improving your staff’s productivity and versatility. However, mobile has its inherent drawbacks, especially in terms of vulnerabilities to the risk of exposing sensitive data or information as a result of loss and/or theft.

As a result, your mobile assets need to be managed. But a poorly implemented security model will not only fail to protect your data, but it’ll also burden you with high costs. In fact, if you try a mobile device management strategically internally, you could end-up stressing your limited IT resources, which would be both costly and distracting in terms of your core business activities.

In reality, an effective mobile device management solution isn’t easy to develop. You need the right tools and experienced IT experts to both secure your mobile device fleet and to guarantee that your core business goals are being shielded from inefficiencies, such as connection errors.

JIG Technologies’ Mobile Device Management Solutions

JIG Technologies brings long-standing experience, a high success-rate and the industry’s best tools and latest certifications to the table with its mobile device management solutions.

Be it bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or company-issued, JIG’s mobile device management suite covers the complete gamut of needs:

  1. We install MDM software on your mobile devices to vigilantly monitor them and enforce your organization’s security policies. 
  2. In case of device loss, theft or an employee leaving, JIG Administrators can readily remotely-wipe affected hardware of your confidential data and information. 
  3. JIG offers the necessary tools and software for you to effectively manage your device fleet without worrying about misidentifying needs or overspending. 
  4. JIG’s mobile device management solutions are compatible with all mobile operating systems and can operate with multiple mobile service providers. 
  5. We also provide virtual private network (VPN) connections and Remote Desktop Services to enhance your security and expand your mobile use-cases.

Why JIG?

There’s no need to stress about your IT system. No matter its size or complexity, JIG is ready to help you optimize your limited IT resources such that all of your requirements are met and that you’re free to excel at your actual work (i.e. not troubleshooting IT issues).

JIG’s mobile device management solutions are scalable for businesses of all sizes and draw on accredited IT industry experience and qualifications. But in addition to that, we make it our focus to listen to your needs first and provide a solution that matches your exact needs.

Take control of your mobile device fleet today. At JIG Technologies, we put understanding your problems at the core of our solutions. Contact JIG Technologies to learn how our mobile device management solutions will cost-effectively equip you with a first-in-class system.