Why You Need a Cloud Based VoIP Phone System

With today’s businesses incorporating an ever-growing number of new technologies, such as mobile devices to cloud-based services, communications dynamics are shifting to manage and exploit these additions. A leading example of this is that of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

With VoIP, you can leverage the growth of your mobile device and cloud-reliant infrastructure to manage your communications needs. A VoIP suite will fulfill your requirements with reliable and fast connections with minimal disruption and reduced monthly fees.

What is a Cloud VoIP Phone System?

VoIP is a combination of hardware and software that uses the internet to enable people to call and speak to each other by voice. Basically, VoIP sends voice data in packets using IP instead of traditional circuit transmissions of a public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Today, VoIP technology is presented to us in a wide variety of voice messaging services such as Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and others. But this is at the consumer end. In enterprise – and the business space in general – VoIP is increasingly forming the full communications environment.

This includes VoIP-based private branch exchange (PBX) where phone lines are routed to specific employees and departments are being routed through VoIP.

In effect, VoIP provides the same core functions as a PSTN-based system, i.e. conduct voice conversations, receive and send voice messages, record calls and call-forwarding. However, besides the basics, VoIP offers the infrastructure to exploit new technologies.

Benefits of a Cloud Based VoIP Phone System

Switching to VoIP offers businesses of all sizes many potential benefits.

First, VoIP is much easier and more cost-effective to scale than a PSTN-system. With PSTN, you have to maintain on-site infrastructure which could require a high upfront expenditure.

In contrast, VoIP systems – including VoIP hosted PBX systems – are hosted solutions. There are limited, if any, on-site infrastructure costs. Rather, your communications infrastructure with VoIP leverages your IP infrastructure, i.e. data network cables and internet-service providers.

Through VoIP, you’re buying a service. The cost of that service adjusts to your user base; if that decreases, then your total costs decrease as well. With on-site infrastructure, you will have high fixed-costs, which will remain static even if your use decreases.

Should your on-site system run into problems, you’ll need to maintain an on-site technical team to service it. A cloud based VoIP phone system frees you of this issue as your VoIP service provider is responsible for service uptime and maintenance.

Second, VoIP lets you integrate emerging technologies. You can integrate VoIP to your customer relationship management (CRM) system, which will let you connect your client’s information – including sales, scheduling and other details – to your call history and tasks.

VoIP also lets you leverage your mobile devices. Because VoIP is a service hosted on the web, you can undertake calls and manage messages from your smartphone. You can build a unified communications solution, which can greatly reduce your costs, increase the efficiency of your employees and enable them to call and engage from anywhere in the world.

These benefits have long established themselves among businesses. In fact, the research shows that by 2020, VoIP hosted PBX systems would constitute over 70% of all PBX lines installed in Western Europe.

Why JIG Technologies?

JIG Technologies is fully equipped to implement a VoIP solution that’s perfectly tuned to your business’ needs. In addition to enabling your access to emerging technologies, such as CRM integration, we ensure that your system is built using our four-step process:

  1. Develop requirements with your cloud based VoIP phone system’s users
  2. Analyze the capabilities and constraints of your current telephone system
  3. Implement your new VoIP system with its complete hardware and software set
  4. Comprehensive training for your staff to ensure the VoIP system’s operation

Through JIG, your cloud based VoIP phone system will equip you with a robust communications system without the high-costs associated with on-site PTSN and PBX infrastructure.

Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from JIG’s ability to provide anytime and anywhere access to voicemail, an automated switchboard for incoming calls, call recording and integration with CRM (including Sugar CRM, SuiteCRM, Salesforce and Zoho).

JIG leverages long-standing experience and accredited partnerships with the industry’s top vendors – including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Dell and HP – to bring a first-in-class cloud based VoIP phone system complete with installation and training services. Contact us today to get started on designing and building a VoIP system for your company.